The Snuggle Is Real! xD

For closer viewing of my feature picture check my Flickr.

On Me:
BOY.Bear Cap (N/A)
Tee[F]Short Tee
Pants – Acorn. – Shark Joggers (N/A)
SneakersFLI.Yzzy 750

On Sleeping Dolly:

HairTramE816 Hair
Dress – Meche – Nari Dress

DoggyJIANPeeWee Puffs :: Teddy Puff Wanderer RARE (New @ Gacha Garden)
SquirrelPink AcidSquirrel (New @ The Chapter Four)
Carpet<:*BoOgErS*:>Brown Bear Rug
DoggiesJIANLively Labs :: Family Bed
Gameboy – [TTT]Gamer Black
Glasses[F]Odd Pair OF Glasses (New)
Books – Hoodlums – Books
BedMuddPuddlesBradford Bed
BookTwas the Night Before Christmas
MustacheFloorplan.Mustache Marquee
Basketball[Bad Unicorn]“Multi” Basketball
Laptop DoggyJIANLively Labs :: Srs Bsns Work Pup
FerretsJIANFerret Habitat
BeanbagBreaux Jr. – November Bean Bag Chair (New @ ATP Events)
Clutch[F] – Headphone Clutch (N/A)
Light+Half-Deer+ – Dream Moon Lantern


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