Pika Pika! xD

For closer viewing of my featured picture check my Flickr.

PJ’s{BB}Electric Chu (New @ ATP Events)
DoggyJIAN – PeeWee Puffs :: Pocket Sable (New @ Gacha Garden)
Pose PosiesLewis Pose

DoggyJIANPeeWee Puffs :: Teddy Puff Wanderer RARE (New @ Gacha Garden)
RugMuddPuddles – Victorian Rug
Backpack – Junk FoodFish Bag (Orca) RARE (New @ Gacha Garden)
JarJunk FoodGoldfish Jar (New @ Gacha Garden)
ElephantsLil ScampsElephant Wall Hangings (New @ ATP Events)
Gameboy[TTT]Gamer Black
Pillow{.: DollFace :.} Cat Pillow (New)
Pot DoggyJIANPeeWee Puffs :: Flower Pot (New @ Gacha Garden)
Lamp{BunBun} –DaydreamWhite Floorlamp


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