When You Don’t Have Paper…

For closer viewing of my featured picture check my Flickr.

Fries.TiptoesHappy French Fries On My Head!
HatBesomxFlite – Ace
Tee[F]Street Style Shirt (New @ Ninety-Nine)
Crayon .TiptoesCrayon to Hold (From Her Stitched W/Love Fit)
Shorts [F]Moto Denim Shorts
SneakersFlite.Hightop V-3S
Pose #1{.:DollFace:.}Boyish
Pose #2{.:DollFace:.}Sweet Kid Sits
Pose #3PosiesLewis Pose

Fries.Tiptoes Happy French Fry Rezzer (New)
BurgerTTTSnack Burger
Crayon.TiptoesMesh Crayons for Jumper (From Her Stitched W/Love Fit)
SodaTTT Snack Soda


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