Hangin’ Around!


For closer viewing of my featured picture check my Flickr.

On Me:
Hair – DuraBoy 66
Cardigan{Little Miss} – Fall Cardigan (New @ Ninety-Nine)
Pants – Gimmick*Chinos
Shoes – {Little Miss}Baby Birkens
PosiesLewis Pose

On Dolly:
HairTramF314 Hair
Cardigan{Little Miss} – Fall Cardigan (New @ Ninety-Nine)
Pants – Gimmick*Worn Jeans (New)
Shoes – MurielRigged Slippons (New)
Pose – {.:DollFace:.}Blog Poses

Kitty – Pink Acid – Busy Kitten
Piggy – Pink Acid – Holdable Piglet
Beads – Dust Bunny – Wood Beaded Curtain
Table – Dust Bunny – Hanging Table
Chair – Dust Bunny – Hammock Chair


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