When You’re Not Allowed…

For a closer viewing of my featured picture check my Flickr.

Hair – DuraBoy 66
SweatshirtBOY.Uncomfy Sweatshirt (New)
Tank TopBOY.JALEN Take Top (N/A)
Pants {Little Miss}Rolled-up Jeans
SneakersFlite. Retro xPumps
PoseTwinkle Mirror – For The First Time Pose (New Free Gift)

BedMuddPuddlesClub House Sleeper
TableMuddPuddlesCrayon Table
PlaydohMuddPuddles – Add On To The Table, Comes With Activities
Blocks – {LMC} – Kids Blocks (N/A)
Clutch – {Little Miss}Chips Ahoy
PizzaTrash – {BB}The Baby Gamer – Add On From The Table (New @ Color Me Cute)
Monkey[Black Bantam]My Baby Orangutan
Chi[Black Bantam]I Dun Like You Chihuahua
Little Black Puppy[Black Bantam]Shar Pei Puppy
Pom[Black Bantam]Vu The Pomeranian
White Doggy –[Black Bantam]Chow Chow DoggyRARE
Black Puppy[Black Bantam]My Black Chow Chow Puppy (New @ N21)
Bulldog[Black Bantam]Newborn Bulldog (New @ Shiny Shabby)
White Doggy W/Collar[Black Bantam]Westie Doggy (New @ Kustom9)
Dalmatian[Black Bantam] Interactive Dalmatian Puppy (N/A)
Kitty Pink AcidLil Bup Kitty
HamsterPink AcidHammy The Hamster On A DietRARE (Newer)


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