Relaxin’ At Home

Click pictures if you want to see them bigger.

Shirt [F] – Mexican Flannel Shirt
Pants[F] Ripped Jeans
SneakersFlite.RETRO X7S (New)
Doggy [Black Bantam] I Dun Like You Chihuahua (New @ Kustom9)
PosePosiesEllie Wall (New)
iWalk[BUC]iWalk Pro

iWalk[BUC] iWalk Pro
Gaming set[Bad Unicorn]Lay-Zee Gamer Set
Bin[Bad Unicorn] – Bin Ball
Boxes[Bad Unicorn]Sneaker Boxes
Hoop[Bad Unicorn] Basketball Wall Hoop
Chair Kitty[Black Bantam]Sphynx Cat Gray Male (New @ C88)
Floor KittyO.M.E.NMischievous KittensError Kitty RARE
ClothesLoki Floor Clothes

Outside View Decorations:
Basketball[Bad Unicorn]Flat Basketball
Skate Board[Bad Unicorn] Broken SK8 Board


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