Skate Chills!


Hair – YUTH:Kenji
Tee[F]Short Tee (New)
ShortsBOY. “GRAY 421” Denim Shorts.
Sneakers Flite.V-3S (New)
Pose – PosiesLewis Pose (New)

DoggyJIANBeach Corgis :: Swim Trunks Companion RARE
Skateboard[Bad Unicorn]Unicorn Skateboard (Group Gift)
Water & Towel[Bad Unicorn] – Water Bottle & Towel
Unicorn Floatie[Bad Unicorn]Mega Unicorn Floatie (New Group Gift)
Summer Floaties{what next}Lazy Summer Floatie (New But N/A Was For MM)
Deck{what next}Waterfront Dock With Ladders
Birdy – Tomato Park – Stand Seagull V2.0 
Sign[Bad Unicorn]No SK8 Sign


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